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The most common work habit is of sitting with cross legs, which is actually wrong in compliance with Vastu as it may hamper your growth and progress in your career.

To ensure a steady and healthy rise in career, always sit on high back chairs in your office.

Keep your office desk in regular shape as a square or rectangle. Try to avoid circular or any other irregular shaped table or desk.

4.Work space
If you have your office at your home, make sure your workplace is not next to your bedroom.

Keep Quartz crystals in your office. These crystals are good for a smooth career and also bring in more opportunities.

Glass top tables in your cabin or meeting room can prove very beneficial for your job prospects. Wooden desks can also work well.

Keep computers, the telephones and other electronic items in the south -east corner of your office.

For home offices, construct a small fountain or place an image/portrait of flowing water in your career area (North – east) of your home.

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